Little baby Kulture seems to be taking on more characteristics of her mother – a mover and a shaker who just won’t stop. Cardi B shared a few videos of a night spent with Kulture where the little cutie would not go to sleep and kept on trying to talk to her mom and moving her little legs.  

“I [thought] she fell asleep early but it was just a nap and now she up-up and I have such a bad headache,” she captioned one video. “Just me her and YouTube.” At one point in the video round-up below, you can see Cardi talking to Kulture as she lays in bed but the 7-month-old just pulls at her mom’s new pink hair ignoring her requests to go to sleep.

Despite the number of videos Cardi has shared of baby Kulture, she’s maintained her privacy measures by always covering her face. 

“Bro, theres this feeling as soon as my baby came out that is like, I can’t leave my baby now for like one second,” Cardi previously said after giving birth.

“A lot of people keep telling me, like, you gotta find a nanny, you gotta start working soon and it’s so hard because, like, I wanna be with my baby every second. Even when I’m doing my hair in the other room, I just gotta be around her.”