UFC fans have been wondering since October who Conor McGregor will be fighting next. Thanks to some social media exchanges, most are expecting it to be Cowboy Cerrone, and even Dana White was getting in on it, saying that he would love to see the two fight. Planning these fights and coming to agreements usually takes quite a bit of time though, but that didn’t stop UFC commentator Joe Rogan from going on his podcast and calling the fight between the two a “done deal.” This obviously had UFC fanatics excited and wondering when exactly was this going to happen. Now though, in an interview with TMZ Sports, White is saying that the fight isn’t a so-called “done deal” and that there is plenty of work left to be done. 

“It’s not even close to being done,” White explained. There has been some speculation, thanks to the words of White himself, that Conor and Khabib will have a rematch in 2019, which would certainly be an exciting spectacle, especially considering all of the antics that came with that fight. If Conor and Cerrone aren’t fighting anytime soon, we’ll just have to wait patiently until an official announcement is made regarding McGregor’s next big bout.