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Shay Lia fans have been waiting for “The Cycle” music video since the Sángo-produced track dropped in November of last year. The song deals with the patterns of toxic relationships and the fortitude it takes to escape their allure. Shay has finally revealed her enticing visuals that prove to be worth the patience.

The atmospheric clip includes scenes of the Montreal-based artist’s smooth gyrations behind flowing mesh veils. Her elegant physicality is also displayed prominently, submerged under water before rising out of the tide.

“The Cycle” music video serves as an introduction to Shay Lia’s cinematic talents. The budding star directed the shoot alongside Jay Willis. Its wavy esthetic was also brought to life in collaboration with The Riot Club productions.

The French-Djiboutian singer is most known for the joint tracks she’s been dropping with Kaytranada over the past few years. Check out “Chances” to dive deeper into her world.

Article written by Zaynab #HotNewHipHop


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