Jussie Smollett is rumored to have hired Mark Geragos to represent him in his ongoing assault case. While this pairing has yet to be confirmed officially, the defense attorney has appeared on CNN to discuss the investigation. From his perspective, the fact that there have been multiple “leaks” of information coming to the media from police sources is the greatest cause for concern. “That, to me, is a telltale sign that something else is going on here,” he said.

“I think it’s ridiculous to believe that the police tracked these two down through the grainy photograph,” he said in reference to the Osundairo brothers. “I don’t think that happened.” In his opinion, police used Smollett’s phone record to track down two suspects, who might not have anything to do with the attack, simply because “there was an enormous amount of pressure to solve the crime.” 

The police sources that are quoted in media have stated things that is “demonstrably not true,” Geragos said. There have been speculations of Jussie’s own involvement in the orchestration of the attack, leading many to wonder about possible motives to do such a thing. “This is not somebody who needed the attention,” Geragos said in response to the speculations, “He is not out there to promote something.”