Reports of Tristan Thompson’s latest case of cheating have quoted multiple sources who claim to be close to those involved in the messy drama. Finally, one of these sources has a face. Adrienne Bailon affirmed the gossip’s legitimacy on the latest episode of The Real.

The talk show host began by expressing how she’s having trouble understanding why this kind of story would surface again since Khloe Kardashian consistently stood by Thompson despite his apparent cheating.

“I think the blame should be obviously put on both parties,” she said in reference to Thompson and the alleged sidepiece, Jordyn Woods. “But at this point, it looks like Tristan just has a problem. There’s something wrong. There’s a deeper issue here.”

Her co-host, Loni Love, chimed in to claim that his motivations are most likely based on some kind of baller attitude: “Nah, it’s called ‘I got money, I got bitches. That’s what I want.” The conversation was about to dive deeper into the moral implications of infidelity when Love specified the possibility of the situation being a simple rumor. This is when Bailon clarified that she “spoke to somebody” about the cheating: “It is confirmed that this is absolutely true.”