Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa‘s son Sebastian has turned six-years-old today and he looks to be all kinds of happy and excited in a video uploaded to Amber’s Instagram feed. As seen below, Sebastian sings himself a birthday song and shows off his young-man muscles before he gets ready to head off to school. 

Wiz even uploaded a cute image of Sebastian to his Instagram with the caption: “Happy birthday dude. Love you more than anything. Thank you for making me a dad💕 can’t believe your already 6.”

“I teach my son that a woman’s body is not a sexual object. It’s human anatomy,” Amber previously told Teen Vogue on the topic of how she raises her son.

“My son is so used to seeing it, [so] it’s not weird to him,” she added. “I feel like as parents, when we talk to our children [and] make things very taboo and sexual and weird, or we’re like, ‘No, no, no, don’t look. I’m naked. Don’t come in,’ it makes them be like, ‘Why? What’s the big deal?’ When you don’t make things a big deal like that, they’re going to fully understand that the female body is [just] human anatomy.”