The next big cultural moment in Hip-Hop is all but locked and loaded. The Diplomats aka Dipset just released Diplomatic Ties, the most comprehensive look into Harlem click’s internal affair since well.. this project is essentially the first of its kind authenticated by the group itself. 

Over the course of Diplomatic Ties, each and every prominent Dipset member (excluding the UK faction and the Jimmy’s Purple City offshoot) talk about their origin story, as it pertains to the group’s collective identity. (We) tried to do it a few different times,” admitted Cam’ron in a December meeting with Kathy Landoli of Billboard’s digital magazine.

“We were somewhere else earlier and Jim alluded to it that we’ve all known Tuma [Basa] for years and years and years and he kind of put it all together and got everybody back in a good space. We did the (Hammerstein Ballroom) show and then from the show—I believe it was in February—we just been continuing to work since then,” Cam’ron continued on.

Let me flesh that out a little; Tuma Basa is a creative director for YouTube Music who consulted on the project. The Hammerstein Ballroom show was the reunion where the original Dipset members were reordained (until the next hiccup), whereas this longwinded timeline that Cam’ron speaks of was particularly excruciating for the common Dipset short on new material. Charge up that Tidal subscription if you are so inclined. The streaming platform remains the only place to view the Doc, as of this writing.