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Hip Hop fans were introduced to Lou The Human back in 2106 when he dropped his EP Brink. The young Staten Island rapper‘s often aggressive, underground style is refreshing, honoring the roots of the hip hop with witty lyrics, well-produced beats, and a captivating cadence. Lou The Human gave us Humaniac in 2017 followed up by his horror-core single “Sour,” and now he’s dropped the title track from his second album, Painkiller Paradise, a project that fans have been waiting for since early 2018.

The rapper goes hard for over three minutes on “Painkiller Paradise” without relying on a catchy hook, and it’s obvious that he’s been heavily influenced by the styles of Eminem, a comparison that isn’t far off considering Lou The Human has openly admitted that he thinks of the Detroit legend as “the GOAT.” Lyrically, “Painkiller Paradise” isn’t as dark as his previous works, something that, as Lou The Human told Complex, doesn’t necessarily represent him as a person considering he’s more of a mellow individual.

“Honestly, I probably shouldn’t even say this—but I’m not even really like that,” he said. “I like to sit around and smoke and listen to jazz music. I don’t watch Hannibal Lecter every day [laughs]. But when I was making this project, I was going through a lot of frustration. I was in and out of my mom’s house, getting kicked out, and people were offering me shitty contracts. And I was channeling a lot of that aggression and depression into the music.”

Quotable Lyrics

I’ve been on the brink
I’ve been trying to get my mind right
Life gave me lemons now I’m all up in the limelight
See s**t clearer when you look at it from hindsight

Article written by Erika Marie #HotNewHipHop


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