When it comes to alleviating minor illnesses, people have tried it all. Honey, salt water, or just straight up Tylenol can do the trick sometimes. Tamera and Tia Mowry had a different idea though when it came to healing Tamera’s illness. After searching for homemade remedies, Tamera turned to her twin sister to see if she had any creative ideas. Instead of providing her with some cash to hit the pharmacy, she gave the actor some of her breast milk after learning that it has healing properties. Lo and behold, Tamera was serious about trying to get better and she tried it out, enjoying the results.

The twins posted new content on social media about Tia’s breast milk with Tamera showing a video of herself slurping it down and raving. “Oh my gosh, Tia, this is amazing,” she says. “Your breast milk is the best milk I’ve ever tried in my life, oh my god.” She told her fans that it is actually working, noting that she feels better since she starting drinking her sister’s milk.

Tia welcomed her daughter into the world last year and she reposted her sister’s video on her own page. “Soooo, my sister is desperate for some healing,” said Tia. “She’s sicky poo and I sent her an article on how breast milk has healing properties and was okay with drinking my #breastmilk.”

In other news, I hope I never have to write another article about breast milk for the remainder of my days.