Almost a year ago, the biggest scandal in the entertainment industry was centred on who bit Beyonce‘s face. The leading suspect was initially Lena Dunham because, well, it just made sense. However, Sanaa Lathan finally owned up to it last year, revealing that she was the one who bit the world-famous pop star. It was described as a loving bite but still, biting someone is pretty weird. It seems as though Beyonce’s immediate family doesn’t take issue with Lathan’s absurd ways of showing affection because Tina Knowles, Bey’s mom, just posted a photo with the actress from an event last night. 

Tina Knowles was present at the 2019 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards last night and so was Sanaa Lathan. The two ended up crossing paths and they snapped a photo, clearing the slate and restarting everything from square one. It appears as though the bite has been forgiven. “This gorgeous woman Sanaa Lathan presented the award to her bestie,” wrote Tina in her caption. “The beautiful talented Regina Hall.”

The bite that was felt around the world picked up major coverage when Tiffany Haddish brought it up in an interview. “There was this actress there that’s just, like, doing the mostest,” revealed Haddish last year before saying that they chomped down on Bey’s face. It’s all come full circle.