We all know that Lil Uzi Vert stands at the respectable height of five feet and four inches. However, as he notes in “Sanguine Paradise,” when he stands on his money he magically morphs into a six foot six man. Despite his small stature, Uzi is undeniably the king of all fit pics. The man manages to capture his essence almost perfectly in photographs, showing off each extravagant element of his ensemble and ensuring that no detail goes unnoticed. During a recent trip to the spa, the Philadelphia rapper came through with some strong additions to his fit pic series on Instagram, posing with multiple layers and unveiling some gems in the process.

Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images

In the first photo that Uzi shared, he’s rocking a Chanel bag that’s just about as large as he is. Seriously, he can probably take a comfortable nap inside of that bag. He then posted a close-up of his shoe box, which contains a special message from Skateboard P, who appears to have personally gifted him the sneakers. Moving away from Pharrell‘s present, Uzi took off his hoodie when he got inside to show off his Chanel polo before finally relaxing and getting a treatment done to refresh his eyes.

Uzi is making sure he always stays at the top of his game. As we wait for new music from the artist, at least he’s loading us with pictures of his daily outfits. We’ve gotta look on the bright side of things.