Offset‘s only a few months removed from his debut solo album, Father Of 4. It might not be the best solo album from the Migos but it’s arguably the most successful. Likely due to the drama that surrounds it as well as the fact that Offset opens up about himself for the first time, he’s been promoting it heavily over the past few months with appearances on Ellen and at a Coachella party. However, in an era where albums come and go so quickly, it seems that he’s been holding off on releasing the deluxe version so he could ride out to it this summer. He recently took to Instagram to tease a brand new banger off of the project featuring a few familiar faces.

Offset revealed that he has a new song coming out on his deluxe version of Father Of 4 called “Pink Toes” featuring Lil Uzi Vert and Gunna. It’s definitely sounding like a banger and it’s a promising sign that he has more heat on the deluxe edition of the track. What’s interesting about the song is that this serves as Offset and Lil Uzi Vert‘s first collaboration since “Bad & Boujee.” It also seems to be further confirmation that their short-lived feud over Uzi’s Satanic imagery has officially come to an end.

Peep the sample of Offset’s upcoming song below.