Blueface recently shared an interesting photo on Instagram lately. The “Thotiana” rapper posted a visual of himself chilling by the sparkling blue Benz that Wack 100 purchased for him while throwing the West Coast sign. And while the car is impressive and nice to look at, social media couldn’t help but notice the artist’s bare feet which are slightly larger than usual. Blueface must have known the latter was expected hence he thought it best to mention it first. The photo shared with Blueface Baby’s 3.8 million followers was captioned with the following: “What size shoe y’all think I wear 😂” It looks like these were the words needed to unleash the full-on roast session which ensued. 

Fans joined swarmed into Blueface’s comments to suggests an extravagant number or take it up a notch and flame him to bits. “No wonder this n*gga always a step ahead of the beat,” one fan added, resulting in a series of laughing emojis from other commenters. “Subway $5 foot long *ss feet,” chimed in another. Hilariously, one follower even went onto alleging that Blueface’s feet could perfectly fit in “Chuck E. Cheese’s shoes.” The rapper’s previous dancing antics were also involved in the jokes when a user stated: “No wonder you can’t crip walk.”

What shoe size do you think Blueface wears?