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The Billion Dollar Baby camp is killing everything they’re touching. DaBaby is still one of the hottest rappers in the streets with “Rockstar” dominating the summer. However, Stunna 4 Vegas has been going ham in his own right. The rapper hasn’t been flooding the streets or anything but he did drop off a few tracks and solid verses since the top of the year. Back in July, he teamed up with DaBaby for “No Dribble.”

Over a month later and Stunna 4 Vegas has another one. The rapper came through with his latest single, “Gun Smoke,” a brash and bass-heavy anthem. Along with a video to accompany the track, Stunna 4 Vegas is talking his shit with sheer charisma as he doles out bills and holds heavy artillery in the studio. Oh, and he flaunts his chain as further proof that he never got robbed.

Peep the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Extension clips, I got a bundle
Won’t go for shit, go ask my mama
We spin back to back like DJ Drama
Mag on the Drac’ look like a comma

Article written by Aron A. #HotNewHipHop

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