Before Tory Lanez found himself embroiled in a sea of controversy, largely in part over his alleged involvement in the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion, the Canadian rapper was riding the biggest high of his career. Between his newfangled creative independence, his highly entertaining and debaucherous Quarantine Radio, and his upcoming batch of three new albums, it felt like the prime time to be a Tory Lanez fan. And while the waters have been muddied, many have remained loyal to Lanez’ cause. And for that, the rapper has opted to return the favor.

Tory Lanez

Erik Voake/Getty Images 

Taking to Instagram, Tory confirmed that the three albums he teased all those months ago — his eighties album, his acoustic album, and his Spanish album — are still in the pipeline. Only this time, he’s added a few new ones to the mix: a “fifties” album and a reggae album. “THE FLOOD OF MUSIC IS COMING !!!!” he warns, alongside a new batch of photos. “What sound are yall Most excited about … NEW RAP , NEW R&B . OR NEW “DIFFERENT SHIT “ (ex . Spanish , Acoustic , 80s , 50s & Reggae …albums .”

Though concern remains surrounding his freedom — lest we forget that Tory is currently looking at the possibility of up to twenty-two years in prison — it would appear that he’s keeping his nose to the grindstone regardless. We recently saw him previewing some new tracks on Instagram, including collaborations with Kodak Black and Quavo in the stash. One has to wonder just how deep this so-called “flood” is set to be, and when it’s set to kick off in the first place. Are you among those eager for an album or two from Tory Lanez