Hip-hop is mourning the loss of King Von. The 26-year-old rapper was just getting ready to have a massive year ahead of him following a prolific run this year including the release of Welcome To O Block and Levon James. Fans have kept Lil Durk in their thoughts during this time. Durk’s relationship with Von was deeper than their musical relationship. They came up together in Chicago and Durk played a heavy hand in Von’s success.

As tributes continue to flood the timeline, Lil Durk has reportedly deactivated his Instagram account. It was first pointed out by Akademiks earlier today. We’re keeping Durk in our prayers during this time. Durk took to Instagram yesterday to share a tribute post to commemorate the loss of his friend. It was also previously reported that Durk was informed of Von’s passing while on Instagram Live.

Earlier today, Atlanta Police announced that they’ve arrested and charged a suspect in the case. 22-year-old Timothy Leeks was arrested after authorities issued warrants for his arrest. He was charged with murder. 

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound,” a spokesperson for Atlanta PD said. “The homicide of Bennett is closed with this arrest.”

We’ll keep you posted on further updates surrounding Von’s case.