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Conway The Machine comes through to deliver some visuals to his powerful “Forever Droppin Tears,” a dedication to the fallen.

Those who have spent ample time unpacking Conway The Machine’s From King To A God already understand the significance behind “Forever Droppin Tears,” the album’s emotional centerpiece. Across two extensive verses, Conway reflected on the deaths of his friend Damani and his mentor DJ Shay, painting vivid pictures and bringing his memories to life. Today, The Machine came through to enhance the experience with an extensive video, one that adds further context to the dynamics explored in the song.

Opening with a cinematic depiction of himself and Damani reimagined in their younger days, Conway’s storytelling becomes all the more immersive. As the focus shifts to DJ Shay, who passed away a few months back in August, behind-the-scenes pictures provide a more thorough glimpse at the man who left such a lasting impression on the entire Griselda team. Those familiar with the song already know that it concludes with a segment from a DJ Shay interview, and here Conway provides the accompanying visuals, granting fans a more thorough understanding of the man they’ve come to know so much about.

Check out the powerful video here, and be sure to show some love to Conway The Machine for keeping it so thoroughly real. 

Article written by Mitch Findlay #HotNewHipHop