Gucci Mane and Jeezy‘s battle last week on Verzuz is still making headlines, mostly because of Pookie Loc’s sons moves following the event.

If you’re unfamiliar, Pookie Loc is a rapper that was killed after allegedly trying to snatch Gucci Mane’s chain. He was signed to Jeezy’s label, working closely with the rapper and becoming one of his close friends. 

During the Verzuz, Gucci Mane played “Truth”, which is a diss track against Jeezy, referencing the death of Pookie Loc and throwing some additional shots after the track closed out. “We smokin’ on Pookie Loc tonight,” exclaimed the rapper on stage. 

Pookie Loc’s son, Quint “Leftside” Ross, has been gaining attention in the aftermath of the hits face-off, even claiming that he’s been receiving death threats the other day

Yesterday afternoon, he went live on Facebook to speak about accusations he’s received from people saying he’s trying to clout-chase off of the situation, saying:

“I’m doing hella views. These folks chompin’ at me hard. Say I’m clout-chasing and all that,” said Ross. “Folk done lost they rabbit-ass mind out here, man, just saying. They say I’m a little bit too loud. I told them come pipe me down. Why the hell I gotta chase clout if I’m just tryna defend my daddy name? That man said he smokin’ on my daddy. What? The fuck wrong with y’all weird-ass n***as, mane? If it was one of y’all people that passed away, a bitch say they smokin’ on y’all shit, ya feel me? Y’all woulda goddamn got upset, too, and said something. It ain’t alright. I’m getting death threats. All type of shit, cuz.”

It’s unclear why Pookie Loc’s son is receiving death threats. Especially since his response was pretty warranted, considering his father was discussed in an extremely disrespectful manner during the battle.

Watch part of his live stream above.