Eminem and social media aren’t exactly a match made in heaven. In fact, Slim openly disavowed technology on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 song “So Far,” not to mention his discovery of the selfie, which fans were left watching horrified in real-time. In any case, it’s become one of his more endearing qualities and makes his uncommon posts feel that much more impactful — even when he’s simply embracing some of the zanier content the vast expanse of the internet has to offer. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Last night, Em found himself fascinated by a truly bizarre rendition of “Godzilla,” his Juice WRLD-assisted hit single from January’s Music To Be Murdered By. So much so that he took it upon himself to share a clip on his Instagram page, asking a question that’s on all of our collective minds: “WTF- who did this?” A fair question, given the nature of the video, which finds Eminem‘s dexterous verse replaced by a Chris D’Elia-inspired version, one that seems to relish in mimicking his animated cadence.  

While many fans were quick to get a kick out of it, with Eminem presumably having a laugh at his own expense, this goofy take on “Godzilla” goes a long way in shining a light on the strange nooks and crannies of internet comedy. In truth, academics will likely find themselves studying meme culture throughout the years, trying to fathom what exactly makes them so addictive — even the Rap God himself is not immune from their siren-song. Are we really surprised, though? This is, after all, the mind behind “FACK.” 

Check out the clip below, and who knows — perhaps we’ll see Slim reference it in a coming track, as he previously did with D’Elia’s infamous impression.