In the summer of 2019, Lil Nas X decided to share his sexuality with the world. The rising, record-breaking star came forward to say that he is gay, and since that time, he has been supported by fans and teased by foes. Regardless, Lil Nas X lives his truth and has spoken openly about having reservations about revealing his personal life as a Black gay man in the rap world.

Recently, Lil Nas X chatted with Zane Lowe about how he’s grown as an artist throughout 2020 as he’s shed himself of certain relationships and worked on his forthcoming album. The record, according to the rapper, will show more of his authentic self—something that he said he wasn’t able to do with 7. 

“I think artists like Frank in general and, like, Tyler and whatever, they made it easier for me to be where I am, comfortably,” said Nas X when speaking about the artist’s creative expression. “Also ‘Provider’ was a very special song to me during this relationship I was in. So yeah, go Frank, he’s amazing.”

Lil Nas X also talked about what led to him making the decision to come out to the public. “I honestly feel that I have my angels with me at all times. I felt like I was just getting signs, okay, it’s time we do this thing.’ ‘Cause it’s like I’m already moving forward and I’m becoming more free with everything I do, so let’s take this to the next level and, you know, do this,” said Lil Nas X. “It was either going to be that or what? Pretend this for the rest of my entire life? And also not be able to express that through my music.”

The rapper added that he has no regrets and hopes to inspire others. Check out his interview below.