Tekashi 6ix9ine is back in the fold with hopes that his latest single will chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Even after the past two years of turmoil in his life, he’s resorting to the same old antics. It began with his run-in with Meek Mill last week before ultimately finding himself trading words with everyone else

Last night, things took another turn when he lost his shit on someone who tried filming him. It’s unclear what transpired beforehand but it seems to be a growing trend in his daily activities. Earlier today, he counted “Meek #3” after running down a man at Foot Locker. 

His feud with Chicago rappers persisted when he hopped on IG Live with Lil Reese and 600 Breezy who both issued warnings. Of course, 6ix9ine didn’t listen, even after 600Breezy blatantly told him, “You gonna die when I see you, respectfully.” Tekashi took to the ‘Gram shortly after his Foot Locker altercation where he invoked King Von‘s name, mocking the rapper’s death. “Somebody tell King Von join my Live right now. I bet he won’t,” he wrote on an IG Post.

It isn’t surprising since 6ix9ine has continuously mocked the passing of Von since it happened in November. Most recently, 6ix9ine took to Instagram where he continued to disrespect Lil Durk over the loss of both Von and his cousin, Nuski.