DaniLeigh has been a frequent presence in the headlines recently, and more often than not for some generally disagreeable behavior. Most notoriously, she came under fire at the tail-end of last month after she previewed a new track “Yellow Bone,” with many accusing her of colorism. She’s since issued various apologies, but it seems like people aren’t done with the Miami-native. As she continues to attempt some damage control, the “Easy” artist ran into more backlash after she claimed to be of considerable West African descent.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

Contradicting previous claims she’s made regarding her ethnicity, the 26-year-old responded to a critic who asked if she was even Black considering her usage of the n-word. “is dani leigh afro-latino? that’s my question, cause she says n*gga so freely, but being dominican doesn’t mean she’s black. & that’s been my gripe wit her from jump street,” asked the Twitter user. 

She responded, “I’m 39% west African .. Those were wrong . Thanks,” referring to the previous ethnicity test results she had originally tweeted out last year. In a second, now-deleted tweet, she once again claimed to have “40% west African blood in my system.”

Comparatively, in the test results DaniLeigh claims are “wrong,” they reveal she only possesses a total of 17% combined West African ancestry. Of course, Twitter had a field day with her mutating story. Check out some reactions to the fiasco below. 

Which iteration do you think is the truth regarding her ethnicity? Drop a comment letting us know!