Fredo Bang is scorching hot right now. The “Top” remix ft. Lil Durk is steadily doing numbers and In The Name Of Gee (Still Hated) is still on rotation. This morning, the rapper paid a visit to the Breakfast Club where he spoke on his past, his come-up in Baton Rouge, and some of his musical influences. Kevin Gates, who he collaborated on “No Security” with, sits high on his list of musical influences, explaining that singing on records wasn’t necessarily that popular until the rapper came home.

“Gates the first artist to ever post my music before I ever met him,” he explained. “As far as musically, though. He a whole other monster. He made the whole Louisiana — before Gates came home from jail, you couldn’t sing on no song. You either gotta make a fight song, a killing song or a dancing song. The only way we ’bout to listen to you. But he came home with the whole singing to females and all that and everybody embraced it.”

You’d be right to say that Gates was an integral influence on the harmonies in Fredo Bang’s music but he also credits his background in the band where he was a section leader. “I was in the band for like 10 years. I had a scholarship,” he continued. “I played concert and marchin’. And I was section leader,” he added. The scholarship, unfortunately, didn’t work out for Bang because of issues going on at home. 

Check the clip out below.