CyHi The Prynce has many things on his mind these days. Earlier today, he issued a message to major record companies to partner in releasing “one of the greatest albums in music/rap history.” However, his recent appearance on the No Jumper podcast explored a lot of territory from his recent shooting to Kanye West and Drake‘s beef. CyHi also revisited his previous wager for Joe Budden to come out of retirement for a rap battle with $500K at stake. Even though Joe is sitting comfortably as a media host, CyHi still has his sights set on seeing Budden on a Smack stage.

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

“Joe Budden really a fan of mines. He upset that he — he feel like my best friend won’t put me out,” he said, before detailing another tale about Kanye West. Adam22 brought the conversation back to the possibilities of a battle when CyHi insisted that he would destroy Joe. “I would demolish Joe Budden, though, to be honest,” he continued, explaining that he wants to do an acapella, bar-for-for battle to determine who the strongest lyricist is. “I need to look you in the face on Smack stage,” he said. “I got half a ticket.”

Adam then asked CyHi about whether he feels like Joe Budden is still an exceptional MC. “Absolutely, that’s why I know I’d destroy him. I study Joe Budden. I already know. He don’t know me, though. He don’t know how deep this — and then when I get into my feelings, like when I get into my — when Jesus lil’ nephew come out, he’ll have walked off the stage before I  know he’s off the stage,” CyHi said. 

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CyHi The Prynce said this message isn’t just for Joe Budden but any rapper that dares test his pen. Check the interview out below with the Joe Budden bit beginning around the 1:18:00 mark.