King Von‘s sister has found herself in many feuds since the death of her brother. She and Asian Doll went at it for a while and she’s also faced accusations of clout chasing. That is his sister, after all, and they both had an incredibly tight relationship up until the day he passed. They were often seen alongside one another at most events.

Von’s sister Kayla shared a video of a new tattoo she got in honor of her late brother. It’s a portrait of her brother’s face on her leg but it didn’t receive the type of reception you’d expect. She was immediately trolled over the new piece but it was Sukihana who may have taken it too far. In a comment on IG, Sukihana flamed the tattoo, claiming the tattoo looks like a portrait of one of the members of the Ying Yang Twins.

Kayla ultimately caught wind of the comments and fired back at Sukihana, though she didn’t seem concerned about the matter. She did, however, plant the seed for a potential fight. “Find you something 2 do before I put a date on it,” she wrote. Suki was down for the challenge. She aired out a Kayla B on IG with a challenge to actually square up for a $30K prize. “I feel like what’s credible — ’cause none of the shit y’all doing is credible. What’s credible is gettin’ in that ring. You got smoke with that hoe? You feel like I disrespected you? Bitch, get in that ring,” Sukihana said. At the end of the day, Suki is all about a dollar and she said that she would rather duke it out than be miserable over the internet.

“Get money hoes, we don’t do that. We get money,” she continued. “I’mma challenge you to get in that ring with me and I got, not ten, not 20, but 30 bands, you feel me? Come get this money.

No word no whether this fight has been picked up but we can’t say this wouldn’t be an interesting match-up. Peep Suki’s video below.