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Netflix’s Rhythm + Flow is proving to have actually produced a few stars aside from the winner, D-Smoke. We’ve seen a few artists use the shine that they receive to leverage their own careers and it appears to be working quite well. Beanz has been making the rounds lately as fans, showcasing her affinity for delivering bars while offering highly-relatable music. Her consistency and ingenuity is proving that she’s well on her way for a big year ahead.

This week, she slid through with another showcasing of bars bonanza with her “Waves” freestyle video. Tapping P-Lo for the laid-back California production, Beanz reflects on coming up in the game to finally seeing her dreams come to fruition.

Check out the latest from Beanz and sound off in the comments with your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics
Comin’ fresh off the plane, sippin’ champagne
Feelin’ like Jay-Z, money ain’t a thang
Think he ’bout to play me, n***a get played
I’m in the California sunshine, sittin’ by the waves

Article written by Aron A. #HotNewHipHop


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