Say whatever you like about Tory Lanez because he’s feeding off of the energy. He was already generating a buzz due to his applauded contributions to the industry including his acclaimed Chixtape series, but it was the shooting incident involving Megan Thee Stallion that catapulted his name into international headlines. As the world debates who-did-what that fateful night, Lanez surfaced on Instagram with a cinematic explanation as to why he doesn’t give the negativity a second thought.

Tory Lanez, Instagram, Viral, Controversy, Negativity
Rich Fury / Staff / Getty Images

“I’ve never worried about what comes out in the news or whatever comes out about me because it’s like, my confidence is just so high,” said the singer. “I don’t even understand. When God was doing my attributes he definitely put like, extra stones in the confidence part. He was like, ‘Let me throw in three extra stones’—’cause my confidence is through the roof.”

I think it’s dope that I’m always on the news. People don’t understand, I have a thing with being viral. I know what I’m doing,” Lanez continued. “I know how to create moments. I know how to return a situation around. I know how to be a bigger man. I know when to pop my sh*t, but people forget, and sometimes they never understand that I know what I’m doing.”

We often praise 6ix9ine for knowing how to troll the world, but Lanez suggests that he may be the viral king. Check out the video below.