It’s been nearly three months since Playboi Carti‘s third studio album, Whole Lotta Red. Fans were less than thrilled about the final product, largely because they’ve been waiting years for the 24-song tracklist project. Apparently, a deluxe is on the way with little to no updates on exactly when fans can expect it.

Peter Kramer/Getty Images

The album arrived just a week before the tragic news of MF DOOM’s passing. Fans, including many artists that DOOM influenced, shared an outpouring amount of tributes to the late rapper. Carti was among those, which led a few people to debate whether the Atlanta rapper was actually a fan of the masked villain. In a recent interview with Inked Magazine, the rapper explained that his shout-out to DOOM on “Stop Breathing” needed to be broken down to his engineer.

“I had to tell my boy, my best friend, my engineer. He’s the person recording the song, and he didn’t know who MF DOOM was,” Carti said. “I’m like, you don’t know MF DOOM? You don’t know who this dude is? I had to play songs for him, because he didn’t know who he inspired. The mask! I’m anonymous myself, but he’s king of that.”