Lil Nas X has been teasing the hell out of his fans during the lead-up to his upcoming single release. Posting plenty of videos with a snippet of the song playing, it took nearly a full year for the diamond-certified hitmaker to reveal the release date for “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. The song will finally be out before the end of this month, and it’s already receiving a lot of praise.

Despite the song not being out yet, it’s already attracted the attention of some huge names in the music business, including Rihanna. Posting a video from their recent Zoom call, Lil Nas X showed off his fresh co-sign from the Fenty superstar.

“By the way, I heard a clip of your new song the other day,” said Rihanna on the call before Lil Nas X anxiously awaited the rest of the sentence. “Banging! Honest to God, I’m not just saying that. It is dope!”


i love u rihanna

♬ CALL ME BY YOUR NAME BY LIL NAS X – not lil nas x

If you’ve heard a preview of the song, you likely already know how catchy it is. Titled after his first name, Lil Nas X appears to be nearing his next music takeover, which will start with the release of “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)”. According to the viral recording artist, it will be included on his new album, which is expected to drop this summer.

Check out Nas X’s call with Rihanna above.