NFT’s, also known as non-fungible tokens, have been all the rage in the music industry as of late, with artists such as Azealia Banks, Tory Lanez, Grimes, and Post Malone all banking in on the cryptocurrency craze. However, one artist that was ahead of the NFT curve was the late MF DoomThe beloved artist sadly passed away on October 31, 2020, just one day following the close of his fall augmented reality NFT auction on Illust Space.

MF Doom’s Illust Space NFT auction made history as the first launch of an augmented reality NFT, and it remains as one of the Hip-Hop legend’s final collaborations. Now, in collaboration with Rhymesayers, MF DOOM’s wife Jasmine, and his estate, Illust Space is hosting a crypto auction in tandem with the platform’s unveiling of its marketplace, and the auction will feature a rare assortment of signed, limited edition, MF Doom augmented reality NFT’s.

Starting today, Thursday, March 11th, at 4:00 PM PST and continuing until Friday, March 12th, at 10:00 PM PST, MF Doom’s posthumous NFT auction is estimated to have a value of 10 to 50 ethereum, which roughly translates to $15,000 to$75,000. It is revealed that 10% of total proceeds from the sale will go back to MF DOOM’s estate in the form of royalties as well as individual donations from the current holders of the masks. 

Good luck to anyone hoping to score big in Illust Space’s Doom Legacy Auction later today, and of course, RIP MF Doom.