On Friday, Polo G’s mom Stacia Mac took to her TikTok to show off all of her son’s accomplishments. The 40-year-old mom-ager posted the video to her nearly 300,000 followers, asking the other moms who claim their sons are “rappers” to step it up. “Moms be like, ‘My son’s a rapper,’” she says. “Does he pop out multiple times? Can he flex? Can he make it through the storm? Does his music go stupid? Is he on billboards? Is he the last of a dying breed? Does he rap effortlessly? Is he the GOAT? Is he Polo G?” The entire time, Stacia Mac is standing in front of her son’s plaques for each song she references. 


Moms be like #rap#polog

♬ BGC Drama Effect – whozmanzz

As with many of her other posts, commenters were quick to point out how beautiful Stacia is, and how she, at times, looks younger than her own son. “When polo g mom looks younger than polo g,” one commenter added. “Polo g momma fine asf,” another said. Others thought Stacia wasn’t asking the right questions, commenting, “‘Is his momma fine ??’ thats what you should’ve said.” 

After Stacia posted the TikTok, she went on her Instagram story to make sure she cleared the air about her hyping up Polo G. “PSA Every mom should praise THEIR child,” she wrote. “Doing so doesn’t diminish or take away from anyone else’s accomplishments #ibirthlegends and I’m reppin’ mine EVERYDAY.”

Polo G Mom IG story
Stacia Mac/Instagram

That’s one supportive mom!