At this point, Erica Mena has developed a reputation as a person who doesn’t take criticism laying down. The Love & Hip Hop New York star walks the fine line of ignoring the haters who incessantly take jabs online and clapping back whenever she feels disrespected. On Tuesday (March 16), Mena decided to address allegations that she used the term “Black-owned business” for a company called The Crowned Lady. Someone shared a series of DMs to the business’s Instagram account where they demanded to know who the owner is.

Erica Mena, The Crowned Lady, Black-owned Business
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

During the exchange, the person handling the business’s account told the user they wouldn’t give out the business’s private information because they are a small company. The Instagram user accused them of lying about being a Black-owned business and brought up the reality star, but the company said Erica Mena is paid to promote them.

Yet, according to Erica, things aren’t always what they seem. Another Instagram user posed a question that captured Mena’s attention. “Y not just list as a Latino owned ? Was that not an option?” the woman asked. Mena replied, “Why not contact me directly since you so concerned, is being a gullible troll your option?”

In another comment, she clarified why the business in question is labeled Black-owned. “So we going after people for being investors and business advisers in my friends and families businesses !?” she commented. “Because wake up call I always go all put for mine. I don’t give a F what you bloggers and trolls got to say about. Half of you struggle because the internet is all you have.” Swipe below to read through the DM exchange.