It’s never too late to list off your resolutions and goals, and Ari Fletcher has shared a few of hers with the world. The model and social media personality doesn’t fail to share her jet-setting escapades and lavish gift exchanges with boyfriend Moneybagg Yo, but there are a few things that she would like to accomplish sooner than later. She took to her Instagram Story to list her goals, but the internet wouldn’t let her be great after noticing slight misspellings.

“I WANT… Go out the country (PRIVATE JET ONLY),” she began. “RR cullinan Truck, 2 new properties, Penthouse in a different city, A fish tank and a piano in my new house, New Jewlery, Invest in Stocks, Teach me how to do realistate, Buy all my inventory for my new businesses, 250K just because it’s Tuesday, Happiness and peace of mind.”

Like millions of others, Ari forgot to spell check in a few places and the public wouldn’t let her off of the hook. The teasing poured in on various platforms, but Fletcher returned to set the record straight about her intellect. “I went to college and graduated. By the way… [celebrate emoji],” she later wrote on her Instagram Story. Check it out below.