This week, actor Kaalan Walker decided to air out some alleged dirty laundry he had with Kehlani on his public Instagram story. “Of course my heart is broke from how you handled the situation with our child Kehlani… I wish you would have told me the truth instead of lying to me and aborting our child without me knowing.” These are some pretty heavy and serious accusations, but Kehlani took to Twitter in a series of now-deleted tweets where she blasted Kaalan as a liar. 

“People are very aware of my following, and the eyes on me,” she reportedly wrote. “over the years i’ve watched people make up so many things to get a reaction out of me, to get eyes on them. i’m not making a single lie, or obsessed liar poppin.” She continued in another tweet, “people BEG me to speak on lies made up on me. people will call my phone and say aren’t you going to say something. truths might make me wanna have a back and fourth. blatant lies? have fun in your fantasy land it’s nothing i could say to control your crazy. it’s above me.”

While her tweets didn’t mention Kaalan personally, she took to the comments on an Instagram post that had screenshot her tweets, to discuss his sexual assault allegations, as she allegedly knows his victims. “I know his victims personally. i was asked personally and privately to back them up because multiple large platformed people/celebrities had literally left them on READ. if speaking up for abused women makes me ‘getting in someone’s business’ if it makes me ‘messy’ then i’ll absolutely be that.” Kehlani goes on to say that she doesn’t get any “clout” for inserting herself into such a traumatic situation, as she has also been a victim in the past. 

Kehlani currently has one daughter, baby Adeya, who is 2 years old. Check out Kaalan’s original accusations and Kehlani’s response below. 

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