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Nike is adding a new service to its in-store offerings with the introduction of its new Refurbished program. As part of the brand’s environmentally friendly Move to Zero efforts, the brand announced it will begin selling refurbished sneakers at select stores starting today.

Here’s how the program will work. After a customer returns a pair of shoes to Nike, the Nike Refurbished team will clean up the pair and then make it available to another customer at a discounted price. The program is designed to extend the lifespan of footwear for three categories including shoes that are like new, which mean that the pair is worn for about a day or two before being returned, gently worn and lastly, with a cosmetic defect.

As for the returned shoes that don’t fit the Nike Refurbished criteria, they still have a chance at a second life by it either being donated or recycled via the Nike Grind recycling initiative.

Nike’s Refurbished program is currently available at select stores in the U.S. but will continue to expand to additional retail destinations throughout this year and beyond. To locate a participating retailer near you, click here.

Nike Refurbished Display
Image via Nike
Nike Refurbished Box
Image via Nike


Article written by Victor Deng #SoleCollector

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