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Tamia Monique Carter AKA Flo Milli was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, and has made her mark on hip hop culture through her music, unwavering confidence as well as beauty, and style.  The ‘In The Party’ rapper took to Instagram on Monday to show off her newest look, her natural afro with the caption  “FREE LIKE BRITNEY” while wearing a Britney Spears T-Shirt. When it comes to her beauty and fashion looks, Flo Milli always keeps it cute and sexy.  No, she’s not one for over-the-top looks but she always pulls out those show-stopping outfits that make you scream, Yes!! You on your Flo Milli ish. Constantly switching up her hair, she will go from being natural at the beginning of the week and by the weekend she’ll be long, curly, and blue with the outfit to fit the exact mood. And the industry is taking notice, just off her recent  ‘Honda Backstage’ documentary Featuring Flo Milli and the honorable flowers she received from JT of The City Girls on Twitter sayings she is one of her favorite new rappers.  We are showing our love for Flo Milli with the 10 times she gave what it was supposed to give in the hair and makeup department

  1.  Natural Fro
  1. Lemonade Braids
  1. Long and Sleek
  1. Short Bob
  1. Romantic Waves
  1. Blue Curls
  1. Braided Half up Half Down
  1. Pretty in Pink
  1. Highlights
  1. Blonde

Article written by Tasha Turner #TheSource

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