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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) — Major League Baseball canceled opening day, with Commissioner Rob Manfred announcing Tuesday the sport will lose regular-season games over a labor dispute for the first time in 27 years after lockout talks collapsed in the hours before management’s deadline.

Manfred said the first two series of the regular season will be canceled.

However, the lockout does not affect Minor League Baseball.

The Las Vegas Aviators plan to begin their 150 game season on April 5 at the Las Vegas Ballpark. Single game tickets went on sale for the regular season on Tuesday.

Las Vegas sportswriter Matt Jacob, who has covered the Aviators, said although the season will march on, who you’ll see on the field will be different.

“What you will not see are any of the top prospects of the Oakland A’s playing for the Aviators until this is settled,” Jacob said. “You won’t see any of the guys that are on the 40-man roster for the A’s. Those are all union players.”

Jacob said that will mean more Double-A players in Las Vegas.

“The play might not be as crisp, but who knows maybe you’ll see a diamond in the rough that wouldn’t have come to Vegas and gone straight from Double-A to Oakland,” Jacob said.

In about two weeks, the Big League Weekend was expected to return to the Las Vegas Ballpark for a series between the A’s and Cleveland Guardians. The following weekend the Colorado Rockies would face off against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

If the work stoppage continues, all three of those games will be crossed off the schedule. An Aviators spokesperson said the ballpark is waiting on official word from MLB before those games are canceled.

The last work stoppage was 1994 when the entire postseason was canceled. That year, many minor league ballparks saw record attendance with fans yearning for baseball.

Article written by #Fox5Vegas

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