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Recently, My Block Inc. introduces the first single of 2022 from singer-songwriter JoiStaRR, “Love Story.” Written by Joi “JoiStaRR” Campbell and produced by Warryn Campbell “Love Story” will stoke excitement in true R&B lovers. JoiStaRR’s new single will be a delight to her existing fan base, while also serving as a proper introduction to new fans. “Love Story” is a soulful audio experience, blending JoiStaRR’s stellar vocals with energetic live instruments, flowing through the lyrics of love and loyalty.

In the video, the sunny skies and palm trees of California line a street leading us to JoiStaRR singing her story on the roof, while also showing the battle a relationship goes through on the street level. In the end, love of the likes of Romeo & Juliet and Bonnie and Clyde makes it through.

In an exclusive interview with The Source JoiStaRR details the creation of “Love Story,” and more.

The SOURCE: How did “Love Story” come about?

JoiStaRR: Simply with me hearing the music and just writing a story. Considering what I was actually in at the time, which was something I didn’t want. And then I decided to write a story of what I actually wanted.

When you say that, do you mean like an actual romantic experience?

Yes. In addition to a romantic experience, just a life experience. At the time when I wrote the song, I was in a not-so-cool experience and I wanted something that, resembled Queen and Slim type energy, real-life love that you only usually see in movies.


When you were creating this song, it was alongside the My Block team, how has your experience been with this team and how did you find the creative synergy to create such a great song?

My Block is headed by my older brother. It’s an interesting dynamic. It’s like, you know, the sibling, not necessarily rivalry, but we have our differences. So, he’s pretty much allowed me to be just creative cuz he knows that I live in a bubble. So, it really was me exuding all the lessons that my brother taught me, including how to be self-sufficient in the studio as a songwriter.

How did that familiarity with your brother help influence your decision to let you know that My Block was the team for you to move forward?

I saw a lot growing up, just watching him do it for so long and being around just celebrities and seeing the dynamic. I understood at an early age that a lot of it [the industry] was a lot of talk. So I decided to stick with somebody I actually trust that could really have my back in this business.

The beauty of this single is it both aligns with, true R&B sound, but there are also just so many layers to it in the instruments and the lyrics. How long does it take for you to create a single like this?

Oh, man. What’s so crazy about this particular song is I wrote it so quickly. I really wrote this song as I was listening to it. I wrote it in maybe 10, 15 minutes. I really considered it one of the greatest songs I ever wrote.


In a typical writing session, how long would it take you?

I kind of freestyle. I go in the studio and I just go in the booth and write. So sometimes it takes me five minutes, however length, however long. The musicality, it takes me and then I need about maybe three, four minutes, four minutes at tops.

That’s impressive.

And then there are times when I have a song idea that takes me a year or two to even complete.

You already have had a career that some people would dream of. What would be the standout moment to you?

Going on tour with Kanye West has been the most standout moment, period, hands down.

What did you learn and gain from that experience?

I learned and gained everything that I’m actually utilizing now. I pretty much tucked it in a little bag and put it away until I felt like it was time to use it. I held on to all that information that he personally gave me from 2005 to like 2011.

Looking at the video for this single, it seems very important to you to give visuals that you were familiar with. Also, there is the addition to the idea of the Queen and Slim love story. How did you go into conveying what you wanted this video directly to look like? Did it exist in your mind?

I was thinking about what I wanted women to see and what I wanted them to pull from. And also men as well. I think most times when people hear a love story, they expect to see the story as well. Maybe they expected to see me fall in love with some guy and we get married. But I wanted to show not only a love story being that but a love story being about you loving you. I think people need to see more about more of that. Especially women. Women need to see that regardless if they’re in a relationship or not, they are the walking love story. And if that expands into something greater connected to somebody else, then the icing on a cake, the cherry on top, but your happiness should never depend upon having a relationship with somebody else.


When you were heading into this release, how did it personally make you feel?

It was a surreal moment, but I was also nervous and scared of the response. This particular song has been in the works for so long that I was almost nervous to even let anybody hear it. I love the song and anybody I ever played it for or ever heard it loves it. But now I’m gonna have an opportunity for more people to hear it. More ears, more eyes, what are they going to say? So it was a little bit of happy anxiety.

Singles grow and they exist and they marinate into the music world. What can we expect from you coming forth after this one?

You can expect to hear the why that I still do what I do. The story that’s connected to the what and reason I’m doing it. I think lyrically, I’ve been able to write that in a way where people can connect to me. I can be more relatable in that way. They can expect to hear real instrumentation and feel something.

Before we wrap up, you’re an outstanding actress. Is there a project coming forward that we can see you on in the future?

No, but there’s a project you can go see. Strive, which I star in the opposite of the legendary Danny Glover. I play Kalani, a high school student, a senior that grows up in New York.

For more information on JoiStaRR, follow her on social media @JoiStaRR.

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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