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Samsung’s latest range of elegant, limited-edition sustainable mobile accessories, created in collaboration with plant-based designer Sean Wotherspoon, will help celebrate this Earth Day. The Samsung Galaxy x Sean Wotherspoon Sustainable Accessories Collection, which will be available on Friday, April 22, contains three covers for the Galaxy S21 and three matching watchbands for the Galaxy Watch4 series, as well as accompanying watchfaces that can be downloaded from Google Play. The Samsung Galaxy x Sean Wotherspoon collection, which is made from 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable materials, is the second in Samsung’s sustainably sourced series, which pairs Samsung with the industry’s top eco-conscious designers to create a set of sleek and fashionable mobile accessories designed exclusively for Galaxy products.

Sean Wotherspoon, co-founder of Round Two and designer of Sean Wotherspoon Designs, made a splash in 2018 with his unusual plant-based sneaker designs. Wotherspoon’s vegan brand has developed since then, and he is now generally regarded as a leader in eco-conscious fashion, with a focus on promoting awareness of the long-term effects of his products on our earth. Consumers do not have to be intimidated by Wotherspoon’s or Samsung’s commitment to sustainability. The Galaxy S21 phone cases are also created from 100 percent recycled TPU materials, making them completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

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“From the start, it was clear that we were aligned on our commitment to sustainability and  finding real eco-conscious solutions people can use in their everyday lives,” said Sean Wotherspoon. “It’s  what drew me to this opportunity. The collection is a simple, yet powerful way for people to show their  support of the planet timed to Earth Day.” 

Samsung’s sustainably sourced collection debuted in 2021 with Sami Miró, the proprietor of Sami Miró Vintage in Los Angeles. Miró’s collection for the Galaxy Watch4 series included six watchbands and three watchfaces. On September 10, 2021, released the exclusive collection.

The series is part of Samsung’s larger sustainability initiative, Galaxy for the Planet, which focuses on lowering Samsung’s environmental footprint and encouraging Galaxy users to adopt more sustainable lifestyles. By 2025, all new mobile products will be made with recyclable materials, and all plastics in mobile packaging will be eliminated.

Samsung Certified Re-Newed delivers refurbished smartphones with the performance and quality of a new handset, but with a substantially lower carbon footprint, as part of its commitment to a more sustainable future. Samsung Certified Re-Newed smartphones are thoroughly inspected and updated at a Samsung factory using certified Samsung parts and a new battery to bring them back to like-new condition. Each smartphone in the program is covered by a one-year guarantee, which is the same as that offered on new Galaxy phones.

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Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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