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21 years after she was named the face of the brand, On Monday, the multi-hyphenate star and makeup brand CoverGirl announced that they are partnering yet again entering a multi-year partnership with the brand to serve as the face of a “yet-to-be-announced” collection,  CoverGirl called the collaboration a total “no-brainer. “You know what they say…Once a COVERGIRL, always a COVERGIRL 💙 It is such an honor to be back with the @COVERGIRL family and be able to work alongside boundary-pushing, diverse, and game-changing women.  I am so excited to pick up where we left off and continue to make the beauty industry more inclusive and accessible for all.” #COVERGIRLPartner #EasyBreezyBeautiful.” The Queen gushed on her Instagram announcement.   

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The Equalizer star became the face of the brand in 2001, partnering on many of the brand’s cult classics but it was in 2006 when she collaborated with CoverGirl to create the Queen Collection, a groundbreaking line that encouraged beauty brands everywhere to make shade ranges more accessible to women of color.   “Here we go again,” Latifah told People exclusively of her multi-year partnership. “I’m excited to be back and to hit the ground running,” says Latifah, in a statement.  “It feels like a full-circle moment to be back with my CoverGirl family,” Latifah shared in a statement. “I’m excited to reconnect and collaborate with them once again to bring inclusivity to the forefront every step of the way, from product creation to ad development to product dissemination. I’m excited to be back and look forward to what we can create together!”  Adding in an interview with People “Growing up, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in beauty ads, so I am grateful for this continued partnership with COVERGIRL to inspire the next generation of young black girls who will be raised seeing someone like them as the face of a major beauty brand.”

Article written by Tasha Turner #TheSource

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