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JT celebrated her first solo brand deal with KISS Care and Colors. The City Girls rapper’s cultural impact and inherent swag make her the perfect ambassador for the beauty brand. Fans, influencers, and media professionals had the opportunity to connect with the “Act Up” rapper and go home with swag bags filled with products from her collaboration at an avant-garde style pop-up shop in New York City on Tuesday (Feb. 7).

Harp Media & Creatives head honcho Whitney Harper explained what inspired her to bring JT and KISS together. She said, “I want everyone to feel represented when they look at a magazine or commercial.  I want women to not feel invisible in beauty conversations, especially women of color because we are often erased despite our contributions. I want my clients to take advantage of how they move and shape society and culture … and to monetize that.”

JT sat down with us for an exclusive interview to discuss the timing of her first solo brand deal, her connection to the longstanding cosmetic brand, and the Paris Fashion Week lip combo that had the Internet in a frenzy.

Fans have been anticipating you to venture into brand deals, and you always said you’ll do it on your own time. How did you know the time was finally right?

Well, I definitely said 2023. I must come outside more. I mean, like, I was in a house. It’s not that I couldn’t. It’s just that timing is everything. The right partners are everything. The right brands are everything. You don’t wanna just do anything with anybody just to be doing it. And I feel like I’m a brand myself, and I wanna represent myself and the girls who look like me.

What’s your relationship with the company KISS and how come you knew that they were the right brand for you to finally align with? 

I love the way they handled things. I love their products. KISS is a big deal to me because you go inside Walgreens, you go to Walmart, anywhere, you’re going to see KISS. It’s always your go-to. That’s something that’s gonna pop out every time. So to me, that is a big deal. 

Does Lil Uzi Vert have a favorite hairstyle that you do?

I switch my hair so much. I don’t know. I should ask him. I think he likes highlights, though.

Did you think the girls were going to eat up that Paris Fashion Week lip combo the way they did?  

Girl, that was just me being me, baby. I didn’t know they were gonna eat it up. They hate on me so much. I’m glad they liked that.

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Article written by Sourcestaff #TheSource

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