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AND1 had its 30th-anniversary celebration on Thursday, March 9. The event featured a 90s streetball style, signature memorabilia, and chats with AND1 legends and leadership.

The event was held at LUME Studios, a location where guests could immerse themselves in the history of the company. MTV’s Dometi Pongo, the event’s presenter, moderated a discussion about the brand’s culture, history, and future with Dexter Gordon, the brand director, and Lars Astrom, the design director, as well as street baller Shane “The Dribble Machine,” a legend of AND1.

This event served as the start of a “Summer of AND1” and a commemorative milestone year for the company, during which new sneakers will be released, Paint the Park will be renewed across the nation, and the Open Run Tour will be back. The Rise and Chosen one CHAMPIONSHIP pack is now available.

image 3
image 3
image 4
Kid DJ, DJ Annie Red spinning on the turntables. 
(Photo Credit: Soul Brother) 
image 5
AND1 gallery collection including jerseys, shoes, and memorabilia of some the greatest AND1 players including Chauncey Billups, Lance Stephenson, and Ben Wallace.  
(Photo Credit: Soul Brother) 
image 6
(L-R) Dexter Gordon, Dometi Pongo, and Ben Wallace 
(Photo Credit: Soul Brother) 
image 11
Design Director, Lars Astrom sharing his stories and experiences at AND1. 
(Photo Credit: Soul Brother) 
image 13
Late 90’s/Early 2000’s art installation looping footage from the original mixtape tour. 
(Photo Credit: Soul Brother) 

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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