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This weekend, singer/Actor Tyrese Gibson called on fathers across the country to show up outside the courthouse in Atlanta for a protest prayer ahead of his divorce hearing. Unfortunately, Tyrese posted that his prayer protest was shut down, and media was not allowed in the courtroom. He also revealed his ex wants nearly $280,000 in lawyers despite their prenup stating she’d have to pay her own legal fees.

Tyrese took to Instagram to express his frustrations. He wrote:

They also told my representative to strongly suggest that I walk into the courtroom through a private side door…. Praying for peace and a blessed outcome…. Just knowing that myself and my lawyer Tanya Mitchell Graham are going to put back in front of this sitting judge who we tried to get thrown off of the bench, because of his abuse of power is conduct the fact that he got our court case.. the entire divorce case was illegally sealed because he wanted to cover his tracks and not have anyone to see how we conducted himself during our trial…. His name judge, Kevin M Farmer…. There’s a reminder then when you know your rights and you know the law, and you know that we are all allowed as American citizens to have are just due process in the court room, rather a judge like you, or not rather a judge has a personal problem with you or not none of those things are welcome from sitting judge. We are all legally allowed to have our day in court, and our just due process…. I’m going to ask any media news outlet please request that our trial is Unsealed when you do wrong when you abuse your power when you’re literally doing things as a sitting judge that are against the law in Fulton County that’s not OK and if they were willing to do it to me and my attorney, it’s very clear that a real indication of what you see today will likely be connected to an indication of how someone is always been. You just gotta dig and dig and dig and pull the transcripts of how this man has been conducting himself as a sitting judge in Fulton county to all fathers. I’m walking in now can we go….. 🙏

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource