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Just in time for the birthday of arguably the greatest rapper of all times, fashion house L💕vLotss has released their limited Biggie-inspired knee high boot. Known for her bold trendsetting designs, CEO Denika Oliver is changing the face of street fashion by merging iconic pieces with her one-of-a-kind designs. Born and raised in Baltimore MD, the bronze beauty built her brand in 2018 with the idea to make stylish shoes/clothing that have never been seen before. Her infamous Clogs-design shot her to success and now she’s a published designer taking New York Fashion by storm. Whether creating fancy footwear or her patented denim eyewear, L💕vLotss is fun, fashionably late, unapologetic but rich in style.

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CEO of L💕vLotss Denika Oliver

The Source caught an early preview of the exclusive Biggie boot just in time to ask the busy designer one question….

What was the inspiration behind this BiGGie-inspired footwear?

HOPE, Newness , BRAVERY, fresh NEW BEGINNINGS , LOVE, PEACE AND WAR. The Biggie Smalls MOVEMENT started back in the 90`s and because “It
ALL started as A dream” I’m able to live out mine .. I designed these custom made BIGGIE inspired  Boots with a strategy in mind  STANDOUT , Be BOLD, BE courageous, BREAK THE BARRIERS ,GO AGAINST THE ODDS ..  Create something so different, AUTHENTIC, FUN that iT will DEFEND Itself..  that’s  what Biggie did. & To this day his Dream STILL lives on. Hip Hop culture & Fashion go hand and hand. I pray my designs will inspire and lift someone to live out there Dreams and accomplish Huge success as the Biggie Movement did for me..Thank You Biggie and  Source Magazine (Special thanks to Courtney)
 May both of our Legacy Continue

Check out the exclusive design below.

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Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource