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For years now we’ve watched the youngest daughter of T.I. and Tiny’s, Heiress Harris sing and practice big vocals with her trainer on Instagram. Now the talent continues in this musical family as Heiress takes the stage for her first public performance.

Tiny and Heiress Harris

Tiny wrote on her Instagram page:

Always a proud moment seeing my lil mama @heiressdharris do her thang! She did a song & a skit!! Of course mama loved every min of it!! Thank you at everyone at @agientertainmentofficial for taking out their time to build & make future stars!! 🥰💜 #HeiressHarris #Agi #StarInTheMaking

Watch her first performance below, how do you think she did?

Check out her Rihanna cover below.

Article written by Courtneyb #TheSource

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