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Hat Club, a renowned purveyor of specialty headwear and accessory merchandise, has unveiled an exciting and exclusive partnership with the iconic streetwear brand STAPLE. This groundbreaking collaboration, the first of its kind between the two brands, will introduce limited-edition collections that pay homage to STAPLE’s legendary influence on the fashion industry. It will also celebrate the vibrant streetwear community both in New York and nationwide.

Underpinned by the motto “A Positive Social Contagion,” STAPLE has always embraced the concept of community and authentic connections. Hat Club shares these values, and this collaboration between the two brands represents a unique and harmonious blend of their respective strengths.

Jeff Staple, the visionary behind STAPLE, stated, “Whether it’s New York City, the Hat Club & STAPLE community, or baseball fans; one of the best parts about this collection is how gracefully it blends design elements from all of these cultures together. We pride ourselves on creating designs that are driven by purpose and make a statement, providing something unique for everyone.”

The collaboration will unfold in three exclusive drops during October and November, paying tribute to STAPLE and the streetwear community throughout the Fall season, both online and at physical locations:

Drop 1: Birds of a Feather Pack: This collection honors STAPLE’s iconic Pigeon, a symbol of the enduring energy of New Yorkers. It features designs showcasing notable birds in the sports community, including MLB teams such as the Baltimore Orioles, St. Louis Cardinals, and Toronto Blue Jays, as well as MiLB’s Springfield Cardinals. Additionally, a custom-made STAPLE Pigeon swinging bird logo is part of the collection, weaving in design elements from STAPLE’s iconic sneaker releases.

NoHo: Inspired by the bonds formed during Hat Club drop campouts and Jeff Staple’s Sneaker Riots, this exclusive line celebrates the community with two New York-exclusive styles, representing the Mets and the Yankees.

Black Friday: A new logo, the “Swinging Pigeon,” will be introduced, taking inspiration from iconic swinging bird logos in baseball. This fitted hat will be exclusive to

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Austin LaBoda, Director of Marketing at Hat Club, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, stating, “It’s hard to imagine another brand that has done more for streetwear culture than STAPLE, so teaming up with Jeff and his team for this drop is truly a moment that will go down in history for Hat Club and the entire Hat Club community. This collaboration puts a unique Hat Club spin on STAPLE’s cherished Pigeon by highlighting some of the most beloved birds across baseball and celebrates Jeff’s contribution to streetwear culture by incorporating design elements from some of his iconic and riot-inducing sneaker releases. Our New York exclusive drop is our way of saying thanks to the buyers, sellers, retailers, designers, and fans of Hat Club with inspired takes on iconic New York team logos.”

For further details on this exciting collaboration, visit, the Hat Club App, or

Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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