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Reebok LTD continues its innovative journey, introducing the Reebok Club C FWD, a modern twist on the iconic Club C. Designed by Evan Belforti, a senior footwear designer at Reebok LTD, this new silhouette combines classic Club C elements with a bold, cutting-edge design.

The Reebok Club C FWD showcases an outer skeleton made of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), creating striking proportions and a unique aesthetic. Belforti explained, “The hero piece to this sneaker is really the silhouette: when you look down while wearing it, you can see the shoe is very wide and it’s creating a very new aesthetic in footwear. The goal was to make it seem like there is a shoe exploding from the shell.”

This revolutionary design follows the reinterpretation of Club C LTD, positioning Reebok as a creative powerhouse. The Reebok Club C FWD is now available on, globally on Farfetch, and at select retailers, pushing the boundaries of sneaker design.

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Article written by Shawn Grant #TheSource

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