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Blac Chyna continues to prove why 2023 is her year. After her recent positive transformation, taking out all her plastic surgery and going completely sober, real name Angela White is more than ever aligned with herself and her purpose – sending a positive message out to audiences all around the world that they too are beautiful as they are.

On Wednesday, October 25th, Blac Chyna graced the red carpet at the Future Stars Charity Gala, later being honored with the Community Impact Award alongside Romeo Miller and Don Benjamin. The goal of the black tie community event was to raise money for underprivileged kids in the community who can’t afford basketball clinics or camps.

Eszylfie Taylor, Future Stars CEO and financial advisor for top celebrities, introduces Angela White.

“She is a powerful woman, and an example of [what] faith in action looks like,” Taylor states. “In the past year, this influential star boldly took her social media impact journey to her authentic self. Without any shame, she allowed the public to hop along this journey with her, focusing on her physical health, sobriety, and the Bible. The most radical thing a person can do is be consistent. This mother of two has been nothing far from consistent in her powerful transformation that has inspired many, including younger generations. She’s involved with empowering underprivileged youth in serving and partnering with different organizations such as Boys & Girls Club. We’re excited to present this Community Impact Award to Angela White.”

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Blac Chyna then took the stage to share a few words herself. 

“I’m so happy to see so many beautiful faces, and this Community Impact Award means so much,” White says. “This just lets me know that there is light on the other side. With that being said, I’m not going to make this award about me. This is a message that I wanted to give to the youth, to the children that’s not here today. I want to let y’all know that you are worth it. Your voices will be heard. You have an entire community that is behind you willing to take these steps because you guys are the future. The future of America and many more things to come. I really appreciate you guys so much, thank you for this opportunity and this award tonight.”

Throughout Blac Chyna’s career, she’s always made it a point to give back. This is just one example of something she does behind-the-scenes, when the cameras are not present.

Article written by Shirley Ju #TheSource

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