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The sexual assault allegations against music mogul Sean Combs aka Diddy have overshadowed his contributions to music as of late, butthe Bad Boy head honcho recently spoke out against his accusers for the first time, sayimg “enough os enough”.

Rumors of Diddy’s sexual exploits have become the center of conversation when speaking about the 54-year-old producer/label head and now the back cover for Tupac’s Makaveli album has re-surfaced, which features an image of what appears to be Diddy in a dress.

video image 493865

The back cover to the 28-year-old album, created by Ronald “Riskie” Brent,. shows an animated image of the Notorious B.I.G. with the word “P.I.G.” on his head while Combs is shown in tights in what appears to be a ballerina costume.

The never-seen-before album art recenly made its way into the public eye after DIddy’s ever-evolving sexual assault saga that made headlines this year.

Article written by Sha Be Allah #TheSource

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