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GQ’s second annual NBA Style Showdown is about to kick off, and while your votes will decide the winner, we figured a little expert judgment couldn’t hurt. And when we realized that two-time champ and 11-time All-Star Chris Bosh would be in town for Game 2 of the Finals, we decided to get his input.

Bosh showed up to our meeting at his downtown hotel, and was excited to see what some of his contemporaries have been outfitting themselves in this season. It was a nice trip down memory lane too. During the Big Three era, Bosh remembers how competitive it used to be with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Mostly he’s envious of how visible NBA player outfits are today with cameras capturing everything and social accounts like SLAM’s League Fits on Instagram—but also because these platforms help to provide instantaneous feedback for what looks good and what doesn’t. After all, putting together an ensemble is just half the battle.

Here is Bosh’s take on 16 of the most stylish NBA players in the league. But we couldn’t let him stop there. Asked for his favorites, the big man went with some heavy hitters: Dwyane Wade, P.J. Tucker, DeAndre Jordan and Russell Westbrook.

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LeBron James

Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

“He’s changed his style so much. Back then, we would try to do the dress-up thing with suits. Now you see him mixing streetwear and dresswear. It’s very dope. He’s always been serious about his clothes and pushing the boundaries. I like seeing him wearing more colors. He used to not wear a lot of colors. Back then, it was a lot of black and grey. He’s still got the dark tones, and then once in awhile, he’s got one outfit that’s like, “Peek-a-boo, hey, that’s what’s up.” He’s always liked plaid so you can still see it. He’s relaxed, but stylish.”

Steven Adams

Brian Babineau/Getty Images

“He looks like he’s about to go hunting and then go to the beach, or maybe he’s hunting at the beach. He’s rugged. The sandals, man, NBA dudes, we get bad feet a lot, our feet are beat up, and sometimes it’s like, aye, put them knuckleballs up boy. But man, he’s got the team-issued sandals now. He’s supporting the team and everything.”

Jimmy Butler

Jasear Thompson/Getty Images

“You can see his style evolving. Even with the boots, it gives him a bit of Texas flavor. Kids care about the sneakers, but boots are expensive and nice, too, and people get those things made. These days, people are just like, yo, I like this and I don’t have to explain it, I’m just being myself, that’s him. He’s wearing sandals looking like he just came from the Sudanese nightclub.”

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

Andrew D. Bernstein/Getty Images

“He’s evolving. He’s learning the ropes. He looks like a kid in LA. These kids, man, one of the things that I’m envious of with the kids is that they have social media and they have Instagram, they know what’s fresh, and they know what to get and where to get it. When we got to the league, it was all suits and throwbacks, then Jay-Z killed off throwbacks and now I’m stuck with a closet full of throwbacks. Guys like Shai, they can experiment and get feedback quicker because they get instantaneously feedback. You can learn on the fly as a rookie.”

Chris Paul

Bill Baptist/Getty Images

“CP is definitely underrated. He’s been repping the HBCUs. That’s been really cool just to see a centralized theme. You can tell the HBCUs holds a special place in his heart and just getting the word out there about these schools, they need it. They’re historically black colleges, it’s history. I’m mad I didn’t think of that, I had actual friends that went to those schools.”

Kyrie Irving

Sam Forencich/Getty Images

Article written by Alex Wong #GQ